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While we aim to indulge all five of your senses at the Krungsri River, it’s your taste buds we especially want to impress. Our in-house restaurants will serve you with exquisite cuisines you’ll never forget.

With Italian food at the Lieto Italian Restaurant and Pub, Chinese food at the Gu Cheung, traditional Thai cuisine at Suan Rim Num and a wide range of Thai/continental menus at the famous three meals Pa Sak Coffee Shop Restaurant, guests of the Krungsri River will treasure their dining experiences from our own talented chefs, celebrated wine lists, exotic cocktails and captivating ambiences.


As evening approaches, both the music and lighting come to life. The Pa Sak Coffee Shop restaurant and its terrace called Suan Rim Num restaurant overlooking the river turned into a romantic dining venue for two surrounded by our luscious garden. At the same time, the Lieto Italian Restaurant and Pub is located right off the hotel lobby, pulsates with color and fun with a live music band attracting locals, hotel guests and visitors from around the world.

Thailand is best known for its wonderful food. Echoing the traditions of our country, we aim to serve you with great taste and great atmosphere during your stay.

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